About Us
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Sustainable Quality & Technical Services (S-QTS)

Company Overview:

S-QTS offers industry-leading third-party Quality inspections, Audit & Sourcing services in markets across whole Asia. Our team offers production monitoring at every step and uploads regular reports to our online portal that you can view from anywhere all over the world to ensure your timeliness and quality are consistent. We offer a wide range of services that include fabric, sorting, pre-shipping inspection and Container Loading supervision also conduct factory & Customs warehouse in port and social compliance audits to ensure your products are sourced safely and ethnically.


With offices in Mainland China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Srilanka, Thailand and Ethiopia, a service network that spans across Asia, our seasoned professionals are ready to serve your Quality, Audit and Sourcing agent needs from the world’s most important production centres coverage area.

Our Services:

  Pre-shipment Inspection

  • Final Random Inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Container Loading Supervision
  • Production Monitoring
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Footwear and Leather Inspection.’
  • Tent Inspection
  • Furniture’s, Bags, Toys, Electronics, Home Textile Inspection.


     Factory Audit

  • Factory Evaluation
  • Factory Audit
  • Social Audit
  • SA8000



  • Find the factory
  • Order management
  • Product Development
  • Collect Quotations

S-QTS can provide a one-stop logistics service for you, delivering your goods from the factory straight to your warehouse, or even to your designated shops, saving you on the costs of freight and shipping staff through a better shipping rate, better consolidation, and simplified shipment procedures.

Ensuring proper quality control along textiles and footwear supply chain
Through S-QTS Consumer Products Quality Assurance, we deliver full spectrum of inspection services for textiles, garment and footwear, ensuring quality at every point of the supply chains for buyers and suppliers. For details, please visit us Consumer Products quality inspection report


Raw Materials/ Fabric Inspections:
Conducting inspection of raw materials such as trims and accessories begin of the production helps to minimize possible defects at later stages. For garment manufacturing, inspecting key materials fabric is a useful way to protect buyer and CMT (cut, make, trim) suppliers.


Initial Production Inspection:
Also called Pre-production inspection, it takes place at the early stages of the production process, the inspectors will check the construction of the product against the approved sample and specifications (technical file, bill of materials etc.), as well as quantity, quality and other attributes of the materials, to make sure that a factory has properly understood your expectations associated with an order, and is well prepared for the manufacturing.


During Production Inspection:
This takes place when 20% to 50% of merchandise has been produced. The during production inspection checks quality of finished products, and provides an estimation of the level of quality. There is also Inline Inspection that offers corrective action plans to improve quality of the remaining production against defects identified.


Final Random Inspections:
Final random inspection is one common way to identify any discrepancy between production and specifications. It is conducted just before an order is dispatched. Inspectors inspect the quality, regulatory compliance, measurements and packaging of an order when the production is completed for 80% or move.

ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 / BS 6001 / DIN 40080 / ISO 2859 / NF X 06-022. We verify quantity, workmanship, function, color, size specifications and packing details, all with a view to ensure that the contract specifications are met.


Loading Supervision:
In some specific cases such as for buyers, or during repetitive ordering of the same style/ref, you may need assurances that the number and nature of pieces shipped 100% conform to your shipment documents. In addition, S-QTS technicians will check the way goods are staked in the container and seal it after loading.

Other inspection services are offered. For more details, please visit S-QTS Consumer Products quality inspection & Container loading report.


How it work?
S-QTS inspection services mainly will be according to the requirement of our client, most of quality standard is apply AQL (CRI: 0/ MAJ: 2.5/ MIN: 4.0), the defectives after visual inspection must within AQL number, or the shipment will be defined as Failed.


Measuring inspection—inspector will select 10-20 pcs of sample in random to measuring. All result will no noted and showing on report.


We will conduct some necessary testing during inspection such as Needle Damage (for knitted garment), Color shading check, sticker test, Asymmetric check, Stretch test for elastic and knitted fabric, Pulling test for bottom or metal eyelet, Color fastness test etc. Otherwise, our inspector will check quantity of finished/packed goods, shipping marks, packing and packaging etc.


Our inspection report is detailed, it will be including complete information which the buyer would like to know.