Fresh Produce
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Fresh Produce

Perishable Global Inspection Services

Sustainable Quality & Technical Services (S-QTS) is an internationalized agency with unique and boutique services to international clients looking for excellence In investigating perishables cargos damage (fresh produce) around the world.


Tracking the quality of your fresh fruits and vegetables must continue till the buyers confirm that they have received the cargo in good conditions. If the cargo is insured, you need to provide evidence to claim your shipping line. If the consignee or buyer complains of quality on arrival, Sustainable Quality & technical Services (S-QTS) is always ready to set up independent quality or damage survey/inspection.

Fresh Produce Factory Inspection Audits

Choosing the right factory for your fresh produce is crucial to ensure proper handling and efficient processing. We can provide inspection audits to verify the supplier’s activity, including their food hygiene and storage capabilities. Our audits for fresh produce include:

Vegetables and Fruit Inspection

Our experienced inspectors evaluate fruits and vegetables based on international guidelines. We conduct inspections to verify packaging and labeling, assess visual appearance, monitor temperature control, and ensure adherence to quality standards. Our thorough inspections cover every stage of the supply chain including: