Hard-line & Soft-line Assessment
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Hard-line & Soft-line Assessment

We are(S-QTS) an established group of well experienced Engineers, help buyers & Customers to inspect their Fresh, Stock lot goods at Factory Audit, Quality Control inspection, Container Loading Supervision, Sourcing in Bangladesh, Thailand, India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar &  Ethiopia. We are well experienced & provide as your S-QTS Agent (services provider) & assist you’re to get real manufacturer to buy the products at much competitive price. We are interested to provide our service in your company also looking & Searching more jobs as a Partnership way in long term

S-QTS Ensuring to goods inspections, 100% quantity and zero tolerance Inspection agent, Buying Agent, Sourcing & Surveyor agent etc. We (S-QTS) provide our services in Textiles, Garments, Footwear, Sportswear, Leather Gloves, Bags, Purses, Wallets, Shoes, Ceramics, Tents, Mainly Soft-goods & Hard-goods. We are providing third-party Inspections & Sourcing service in assessment of quality control, Audit measures, all along to your procurement cycle, aiming to identify non-conformance of your purchased products and to implement all applicable corrective actions on time before shipments.

To know more details, please get in touch with

With Best Regards
Md Ataul Samad
CEO & Founder of [S-QTS]
Mobile & what’s up:+8801812 945556
We-chat : +8801812 945556 /mdataulsamad
Skype: mdataulsamad5
Email: ataul.samad@s-qts.com
Web: www.s-qts.com
ADD: 206, Jihua West Road, Foshan City,
Guangdong, China.

H#01, R#03, Bayezid Nagor R/A, East Nasirabad,
Chittagong-4210 Bangladesh.