Order management
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Order management

Order management and fulfillment is one of the core processes of supply chain and business success. It is a business process that touches almost all departments and requires collaboration to achieve a Perfect Order Index (POI) or “On-Time and In-Full” (OTIF) in-line with customer expectations. No matter which metric you use to capture how successful the supply chain execution and fulfillment is, it all boils down to long-term customer satisfaction and retention with continuously improved financial results.

Improving the competitive edge through order management and fulfillment is more important than ever. Today, industrial manufactures are faced with fragmented supply chains, increasing costs and an unparalleled customer pressure to make things cheaper, better, and available everywhere. This makes order management tougher than ever. Here are a few reasons:

  • Expansion by mergers and acquisitions
  • Increase of order and delivery channels
  • The complexity of global supply chains
  • The rising expectations of customers

Standardizing on one unified global order process across all sites creates the ability to capture best practices for further improvement and efficiency. With an agile and scalable supply chain platform, it becomes easy introducing new products and new market channels. From a customer point of view, you will become a company easy doing business with.